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Parqking offers some amazing features to help make your life easier, check them out below:


Parqking is a completely paperless system. Welcome to the 21st century. There is no need to design your parking passes or pay for hundreds of stickers…over and over again.

Every vehicle already has a unique identifier – their license plate. Why work harder when you can work smarter? You can verify if a vehicle is authorized to be at your lot.


Parqking is easy to use. You can access it from your office computer or your mobile device while patrolling your parking lot.

You will be able to verify every vehicle on the lot, see when your lot was last scanned, or monitor your revenue from your custom platform.


You can manually issue passes for residents or special cases. Send them an email with an invitation and let them fill it out themselves!


Do your residents have guests that can park for free? By issuing guest codes, you can provide them with free space and track how many guests you have – and when.


Does your lot sit idle all night at a prime parking location? No more!

Allow pass purchasing while your business is closed or let your residents pay for that covered parking spot they took during the storm.


We know 24/7 does not work for everyone. That’s ok. You can set your own schedule hour by hour and make the most out of every day and every night.


Is someone abusing your community guidelines? Blacklist them and they will be towed until they shape up or ship out.


Your parking has different lots or areas? Inside and outside parking? Open and covered spots? Not a problem. You can have as many unique sets of parameters as you need to ensure organization.


Does your company own multiple locations with different managers? That’s great. You can have control over every single lot you own, but assign manager specific access to limited lots. You control who can access what.


We are confident we have developed an amazing application, and we stand behind our products. After you see our demo, you may sign up to use Parqking – free of charge.

We will help you convert to Parqking and teach your staff how to use it. We are here to help at any time help is needed. Contact us at support@parqking.com

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