Parking For the 21st Century
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About Parqking

Parqking is the premier mobile application solution to simplify the parking experience.
We are revolutionizing the parking world that has historically been defined as painstaking by all parties involved.

Obstacles with traditional parking


Purchasing and renewing passes and stickers is expensive. Running the parking lot becomes a financial burden.

We eliminate this hurdle.


Traditional parking lots are faulty. Dealing with an empty parking lot to an overcrowded one are all irritations that do not have to happen.

We remedy this downtime.


Finding an open spot is just half the battle. Managing passes and interacting with kiosks or attendants making parking inconvenient.

We get rid of the pain in parking.


Parking doesn’t have to be a barricade.
We can help.

Lot Manager Benefits


Go green. There is no need to design, print, and issue tags or stickers. The customer’s license plate is their Parqking pass.

Go Green

Grow Some Green

Turn your parking space into a revenue stream with no additional cost. Let your real estate work while you focus on more important things.

Save Money


Turning your parking lot into a Parqking lot is easy. Use your existing database to email your residents and allow them to sign up by themselves.

Get Started


One lot or ten? It does not matter. Different parking areas like covered and open? Not a problem. Set different rules to control it all.

Take Control

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